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    The company was established in 2010, as the branch of KKP group, specialized in PET packaging production. The package ranges widely applied in the industries of Cosmetics, food, cleaning products and so on;



    With the product design, mold development, injection production, blowing production and decorations as multi-color silkscreen printing, hot stamping, labeling and product surface coating etc., we have high capability to provide all processes for different project solutions.



    We are capable of producing different types of PET preforms and all different types of PET containers from 10ML-1500ML. The Maximum month production capacity is over 9million pcs PET preforms and PET containers, which could fulfill various demands on different container capacities and different specifications.



    To provide high end skin care packaging solutions, with PET material, recently we have developed a series of products as injection PET jars and thick wall PET bottles.



    We have achieved the ISO9001:2015 certification.

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